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Stress management

Stress is reputed to be one of the greatest sources of organizational costs. ef helps individuals and organizations prevent and cope with stress.

stress management

stress consultancy

ef stress management services

ef provides the following:

stress audits: ef has experience of conducting stress audits using a respected psychometric questionnaire and other techniques. Through these audits, organizations can examine sources of stress, effects of stress and how their people respond to stress. Your scores will be compared with the results from hundreds of other responses. Perhaps most important of all is the potential for the audit to identify individuals “at risk”.

stress management training: Different people respond to stress in different ways. ef stress management training recognizes individual differences and offers a range of techniques and advice that can help individuals, and groups, manage stress more effectively. Techniques include relaxation, time management and assertiveness skills. Training can include dietary tips or advice where to get further help for the most serious of cases.

stress counselling: From time to time, individuals can suffer from the inevitable pressures of work. ef has provided successful one-to-one counselling for individuals under such pressure.


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