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Accelerating recovery time case study.

This case study is based upon one of my footballing clients, Chris Kerr.  I wish to thank Chris for his openness in speaking to the Daily Mail and thank Peter Jardine, who covered the story, for permission to use his words in this case study.

Chris Kerr is a talented young footballer.  Following a terrible tackle that was to put him out of the game for over a year, I worked with Chris to accelerate his recovery.

Chris was back playing two months ahead of schedule.  The story below mentions his first game with St Mirren reserves but Chris was back in the first team shortly after this article appeared in the Daily Mail.


Daily Mail, Thursday, November 23, 2000


Kerr's mind games have helped beat injury odds













Chris plays for St Mirren - a Scottish football team based in Paisley.










Peter Jardine wrote:


sport psychology


ef sport psychology

almost 16 months since suffering a career-threatening knee injury Chris was back playing for the reserves


ef sport psychology



Ian Durant, Michael Mols and now Derek McInnes could empahize with the mental torture endured by the 22-year-old, who lay in a hospital bed a year past in August and shed tears at the dreadful prospect what what appeared to be a highly promising career was as ruptured as his shattered left knee.  He required both medial and cruciate ligament surgery and the intervening months have involved hours of lonely contemplation

Newcastle based psychologist, Calum Webster, was drafted in to work with Kerr at the request of the player's agent, Gordon Smith, and last night the St Mirren youngster thanked him for having a major influence in helping him exorcise demons

ef sport psychology

Webster offers clients complete confidentiality









  Calum Webster has used psychology to help many sport professionals including athletes, snooker players, darts players, golfers, judoka, kareta, rugby teams and football players



The rest of the article mentions some of the resistance less forward-thinking players and managers exhibit sometimes.  This is one of the reasons I advise some of my clients not to publicize the fact that they've worked with me (or any other psychologist).  Around the time I worked with Chris, between 1999 and 2000, I worked with six Scottish footballers (premier and first division) and together we achieved very impressive results. This article is a rare chance for one of my clients to speak about what I do.

Chris has a regular place in the first team.  He plays with a revitalized enthusiasm, determination and focus that sets an example to his team mates and other sport professionals.



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