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ef provides consultancy support in psychometric assessment and selection - where some of the most important decisions are made. Choosing the right people for the right job must not be left to chance or to gut-feel. Yet few people realize that interviewing on its own can be unreliable. Through objective and rigorous approaches, ef offers pragmatic techniques, including psychometric testing, to help inform your choices on the six fundamental criteria of selection.



ef selection services

The main services are:

Role analysis: ef can work with you to determine the roles and competencies your organization needs to be more successful. Using tried and trusted job profiling tools, ef can help establish the key competencies required in a role, now and in the future. You can then start your search for talent on a solid footing.

Selection process design: Recruitment and selection processes benefit from careful planning and design to make decision-making more robust, fair and streamlined. Components can include, for example, psychometric tests, personality questionnaires, aptitude testing and assessment centres.

Assessment Centres: Well run Centres provide the greatest support to selection decisions. Depending upon the role, ef can construct specially-designed exercises to give candidates better opportunity to demonstrate their skills and competencies.

Interview design: It is well established that structured interviews, with trained interviewers, give better results than those left to chance. ef provides training and guidance in one-to-one and panel interviewing. ef training can also improve the reliability and integrity of your interviews. You will be able to ask key questions that probe critical competencies while respecting equal opportunities.

Psychometric testing: Measures of personality and ability can provide useful insight into candidates. Psychometrics are useful for predicting candidate behaviour and can help interviewers focus on strengths and weaknesses. ef psychometric reports profile the candidates in terms of the competencies relevant to the job and give suggested interview questions.

ef always provides feedback to candidates to help them gain insight into their personality, motives, values and abilities.

If you would like to find out more about psychometric testing click HEREto get more information.

I AM: This is an ef Integrated Assessment Method which links psychometric testing and competency-based interview. It uses less resource than assessment centres and is comparable in terms of its power to identify candidate strengths, weaknesses and areas of development.


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