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ef offers a range of organization development and HR products including:

Self-teaching manuals (such as the Manager's Coaching Manual)

Assessment centre exercises and activities

Development centre exercises and activities

Exercises and activities for conferences

Management development experiential activities and exercises

Notes and hand-outs on management skills

Self-profiling questionnaires (for developmental purposes)



assessment centre exercises


Self-teaching manuals

The Manager's Coaching Manual - an exciting futures publication

This publication is written for the busy manager.  Coaching is about having a structured dialogue with someone to help them build their capacity and fulfil their potential to achieve personal and business objectives.  This manual is not about how to teach someone something (although it does have guidance on giving instructions!).  It's about the secrets of day-to-day coaching.  It's about coaching to review performance, coaching to focus on objectives and targets and using "coaching dialogue techniques" through asking questions.

It's filled with easy-to-remember models and acronyms to conduct one-to-one performance coaching.  It helps you understand the different members of your team and what tactics to use when coaching them.  If you're looking for the theory of coaching then check out the references in the book.  If you're looking to learn the practice of coaching, check out the pages of models, example questions, pointers, tips and guidance.

It's written in concise note form for quick access - you don't have to read lots of paragraphs to get the main points.

The publication covers the coaching essentials including:

    The eight components of an effective objective.

    The six secrets of high quality feedback.

    How to make your questions powerful.

    Assertive and persuasive language that encourages

    How to reduces the likelihood of defensiveness.

    How to generate a climate of mutual trust.

    The three fundamental questions that must be asked to review successes and shortfalls.

    The steps and skills for dealing with recurring performance issues.

    The slippery customers and how to handle them.

    How to profile your team members for effective coaching.


The current price is 28-00 plus postage.  Due to demand, we are out of stock on this publication.  Please email us with your contact details (including location - for postage information) to order your copy.  Use the contact link at the bottom of this page.



Assessment centre exercises and activities

ef can design a range of individual and group exercises including group discussion, in-tray, scheduling and team exercises.


What are the benefits?

Since the exercises are often totally custom-built, the candidates will not have seen the exercise before at any other assessment process they have attended.  This is particularly useful if it is important to minimize or remove the possibility of unfair advantage.

Exercises and activities that are designed around the job and the job competencies have greater face validity for candidates.  This means that they will be able to see how the selection process has been fair and meaningful.

Exercises and activities written specially for the job, the department, the organization and the culture aim to have a better predictive power than off-the shelf materials.

development centre exercises


Development centre exercises and activities

Development centre activities can be wide and varied and need not be variations of assessment centre materials.  Again, the bespoke approach aims to get the benefits described above.

Of particular importance is that the development centre exercises can be built in increasing complexity and contain structured "openings" for observer-coach input.

conference exercises and activities



Exercises and activities for conferences

A particular area of expertise is conference design - especially where exercises or "management games" are required for the development of large numbers of people (typically 50-150 at any one time). 


management development exercises



Management development exercises and activities

If you are a trainer looking for new, fresh training materials with a limited circulation, then contact ef and outline, broadly and briefly, what you are looking for.  The next step is for an ef consultant to contact you to explore your needs in more detail.  If you know exactly what you need then that's fine.  If you would like the opportunity to discuss possible ideas, then we are pleased to do that too.

If we cannot help you, or believe we know of something off the shelf that might do, we will tell you.


management development notes and hand-outs


Notes and hand-outs on management skills

Producing training notes that people will read and use can be a skill - or an art - in its own right.  ef can produce succinct, practical, readable notes on a variety of management subjects.  ef has a range of materials ready for your use - eg in time management.

The key feature of these notes is that they are usually no more than one-page key point summaries of best practice for the busy manager.


self profiling questionnaires



Self-profiling questionnaires

ef specializes in the compiling of self-profiling questionnaires .  For example, ef has questionnaires that are used for training and development in the following areas:

Change agent profiler
Change leader profiler
Empowering manager profiler
Influencing style questionnaire
Personal values profiler (customized to company values)
Personal competencies (customized to company competencies framework)


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