Personal coaching

Our personal coaching can take various forms including executive coaching, director coaching and personal mentoring.  Personal development coaching aims to help people who are serious about learning, changing and improving performance.  ef coaching is based on authentic, confidential relationships with clients to achieve agreed objectives.

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The ef approach to coaching

The ef style is based on the following principles:

                The ef coach is an expert in coaching.

                The ef coach is not an expert in your technical subject.

                Effective coaches demonstrate flexibility in coaching style.

                Effective coaches make their personal values clear.



The business coaching agenda

One-to-one coaching can have a variety of agendas.  The mentoring or coaching agenda is often whatever you want it to be.  The ef business coach can use techniques from a variety of sources to help you tackle unique challenges or stretching targets.  You will learn rapidly, perhaps radically, and take ownership for your own development.

examples of executive coaching


Examples of executive coaching issues

    Previous coaching assignments include

            dealing with change at a personal level

            creating a learning organization

            leadership development

            career and life planning

            managing stress

            modifying communication and interaction styles

            increasing confidence and self-belief

            motivating others and building relationships of trust



The Manager's Coaching Manual

If you are looking for a "how to coach" book then look no further than our Publications page.  The Manager's Coaching Manual is an exciting futures publication.  It's written for the busy manager who wants a rapid but robust guide to coaching team members.  The focus is performance coaching - how to coach the range of people in your team to improve the achievement of objectives.

We're holding the price at  28-00 plus postage and it's available ONLY from this website.  Click on Publications in the table below to find out more about this manual on coaching and about other ef publications.



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