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Management development

We provide creative, focused and leading edge training and development experiences for managers.  Progressive organizations need best practice management skills. Technical excellence alone is not enough. ef development experiences allow managers and directors to accelerate their performance.

management training and development


ef management development and training

Our management development programmes are personalized and intensive.  At the start of the process we frequently use psychometric questionnaires to help managers understand themselves and focus their development needs.  When it makes sense to do so, training courses integrate with action learning sets and personal development coaching.  Using the psychometric data, we tailor programmes to your specific needs.  This makes best use of your time and gets first class results for you.

ef training is highly adaptable. Sessions can range from directive, fast-paced instruction to highly participative, facilitated learning events - it depends on you. Training design and delivery depends upon your needs and preferences.  If you prefer internet-based learning, you can access the e-learning facilities and on-line coaching  by first applying for membership of the e-learning facility (See the contact link below).

ef development programmes are based on principles of adult learning so they deliver maximum impact inside and outside the training room. We are experts in design and delivery.  On our programmes you acquire new skills, improve existing skills, gain knowledge, shape your attitudes and challenge your perceptions. Above all, we give you practical techniques to make an outstanding difference to you and your workplace.


director and management training and development


The ef trainer-facilitator

The only reason someone should stand in front of a group of people to help them learn is when that person adds value. We enjoy what we do and we think we we're good at it - providing substance without being overly serious.  We want you to enjoy developing vital skills. Your training will be stimulating, enjoyable, meaningful and worthwhile.

director and management training


Example programmes

Recent programmes include:

Finance for non-financial managers.  Click HERE to find out more.
Respect and dignity at work.  Click HERE to find out more.
Dealing with bullying and harassment (See Respect and dignity at work)
Oral presentation
The effective director
The effective manager
Managerial leadership
Customer care
Interpersonal skills
Personal effectiveness
Time management. Click HERE to do our free, online time management training.
Effective meetings
Making effective decisions
Coaching skills
Project management and project leadership
Strategic management
Appraisal skills 
Selection interviewing
Change management


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