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Leadership development and training

Leadership development is vital because organizations take on the personality of their leaders. Leadership training and development can maximize productivity, shape a positive culture and promote harmony. To achieve this, key people must lead individuals and teams using an appropriate leadership style.

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The exciting futures approach to leadership development

The exciting futures leadership development programme is bound in reality, and not wishful thinking. It differs from other programmes in terms of its fundamental principles and how it is delivered.


First, it maintains that some leaders are born and some are made.

Second, it maintains that people may find some leadership behaviours difficult, others easy.

Third, it is based upon the belief, and experience, that you can improve your leadership greatly through work-based “perfect practice”.

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Are leaders born or made?

It may be true that some people are born with a disposition for leadership; maybe some learn to be leaders through early experience; maybe others just fall into the role. These are really theoretical questions. We prefer to focus on practical aspects and help people in leadership positions learn some leadership skills. Whether you are a born leader or not, whether you’ll find it difficult or not, the exciting futures programme can help you improve your leadership through practical advice, training, development and personal coaching.This learning programme is based on research and the experience of hundreds of leaders from a range of sectors - public and private. We help you learn a range of tools and models including Hersey and Blanchard's Situational Leadership. We have a lot of time for the work of Kouzes, Posner, Bass and Avolio whose research has shown how people can learn to demonstrate transformational leadership behaviours.

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What the leadership development programme contains

The programme covers strategic leadership, change leadership and motivational leadership. You will learn how to set strategic priorities, how to act when implementing change and how to adapt your style to get the best out of individuals and teams.

You will learn the six main skills to encourage people to become more self-motivated. You will learn what you can do to inspire people.

You will gain personal insight about your preferred leadership and management styles - and compare your character and values with those of other executive leaders.

Most important of all, you will be able to look at your organization and your team to determine the tactics that give you the greatest probability of success.



What does the learning emphasize?

The emphasis is on skills - what to do, when to do it and how to do it. Strengths of the leadership programme are its variety, its interactive approach and its personal focus. Through group activities, one-to-one coaching and personal assignments, you will acquire key managerial leadership skills, develop your attitudes, increase your knowledge and change your perceptions.

Helping people gain greater job satisfaction, to feel more in on things and relate better with each other whilst reaching their objectives is what the exciting futures leadership development programme is all about.

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