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Managing Change and Culture change

Personal change and change management programmes help individuals and teams adopt new ways of thinking or perceiving.  ef provides one-to-one support for change leaders, training for change agents and “back stage” consultancy during all phases of your organization development transformation process.

change management

The ef approach to change management

The ef change management philosophy

Organizational change requires rethinking from four fundamental perspectives: people, processes, systems and structures. Reorganizing structures, systems and processes can be difficult enough, but change management success lies beyond these. It’s the personal change of attitude, the team climate, the organizational ethos, the mindset, the spirit . . . the psychological atmosphere that will make the difference.

ef translates these intangible aspects of culture into practical reality to increase commitment at all levels.

managing change

managing change

What we know about managing change and what we often forget

For organizations to work efficiently and effectively, their people must see a common, values-driven goal. We know that. We also know that for those introducing change, the goals sound legitimate and the change feels exciting. We sometimes forget that those receiving the change can see and feel differently.

For people to listen, really listen, business plans must be founded upon confident, inspiring and shared corporate vision. Objectives must be unambiguously communicated so that people can run with them — fully, willingly and enthusiastically. ef brings experience and expertise to help you shape culture with this sensitivity, energy and purpose.

change management model


managing change model

The ef  change management model

The ef five-phase transformation framework combines task and relationship aspects of change. It helps you prioritize goals to allocate resources and project manage your changes successfully and cost-effectively. It integrates outputs and culture through inspiration and aspiration to get results through people. Proven in public and private organizations, this results-based and pragmatic framework is for those leading culture change and for those implementing it.

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