Appraisal is a central part of performance management and ef has creatively expanded approaches to appraisal particularly through team-based appraisal.


The ef approach to appraisal and performance management

A key feature of the ef perspective is the combination of business imperatives with the human factor. Thus the ef approach to appraisal and performance management joins human endeavour and commercial priorities by linking key performance areas with personal and professional objectives.  The appraisal review philosophy is "firm on facts, reasonable on reasons."  The appraisal planning philosophy is continuous improvement.


What are the benefits?

You can get more from training yet spend less.

People focus on key responsibilities and priorities.

You can minimize wasted effort by keeping people focused on objectives and best practices.

You can help people take responsibility for their results and their learning.

You can improve performance management.

appraisal and performance management


How ef appraisal schemes work

Strategic goals are rigorously and meaningfully translated into team and individual objectives through two-way communication mechanisms. People are clear of their roles and goals; they experience the personal and commercial benefits in achieving objectives. People feel in on things and want to hit their targets.

The Human Resource function becomes more of an enabler and less of a checker.

Policies are derived directly from business drivers and corporate aspirations.

HR budgets deliver to business needs.

These achievements are reached partly due to the integrity of scheme design and partly due to how schemes are introduced.

types of appraisal


Types of appraisal schemes

Whilst consulting to private, public and “third sector” organizations, ef has designed and implemented different types of appraisal including:

    self appraisal

    one-to-one appraisal

    team based appraisal

    180 and 360 degree appraisal

    third party appraisal

ef has also helped introduce competence-based pay schemes and developmental schemes. Training in one-to-one and team-based appraisal often features as part of the ef consultancy service.

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