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Respect and dignity at work - dealing with workplace bullying and harassment



Help in dealing with workplace bullying and harassment

We do two things.

We help you write effective HR policy on treating people with dignity and respect.

We help you make it reality through consultancy support and training.


respect and dignity at work


Training for respect and dignity at work

Management skills 

Managers set the tone of the organization and set an example so we like to offer training in relevant skills.

Managers learn about

The importance of setting an example - cultural and legal aspects.

How respect and dignity differs from political correctness.

What workplace bullying and harassment looks like.

Firmness, fairness, aggression and assertiveness - fine lines or far lines?

Management style, leadership skills and interpersonal sensitivity to create a climate of respect.

The manager's role in supporting policy and good practice including practices that prevent problems of bullying and harassment at work.

This training is usually a one-day event (depending upon the experience of the participants).


Supporter skills 

We encourage organizations to have in-house people who can act as independent, trusted supporters to people who feel they have been harassed or bullied.

These individuals are usually volunteers who are the first point of call for people who want to talk in confidence about concerns.  The volunteers are not legal advisors but are there to help the organization resolve issues before it gets legal.  The volunteers will need to know about some basic legal matters but their skills are about supporting people (the person who says they are bullied and the "accused" bully or alleged harasser).

The volunteers undergo an intensive one-day training.  The morning is around legal issues and the organization's policy on respect and dignity - usually involving discussing case studies and hypothetical situations.  The afternoon is applied skills training using a range of scenarios and building upon the knowledge learned in the first part of the day.


Participants learn about

What workplace bullying and harassment means and looks like.

Why dignity and respect are important values for an organization.

The company's respect and dignity at work policy - based on good practice.

The role of the supporter/helper in dealing with people who feel bullied or harassed at work.

The importance of dealing with workplace bullying and harassment issues sooner rather than later.

Being supportive and impartial.

Selected legal issues through case study.

Key one-to-one skills in the role of supporter/helper.


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